Welcome to MovBizz!

This game is a remake of the C64 game Movie Business. It is a casual text-based game where you choose an actor, a director and a location for your movie. You can advertise your movie in the paper, over the radio or on tv. Create a movie that wins awards and fills your moneybag! But be careful random events can influence your movie production in both, a positive and a negative, way.

Be aware that the current version of the game is an early version and many features are missing!

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Current features:

  • Produce a movie by selecting: actor, director, location and title
  • Taking and paying back loans
  • Advertise your movie
  • Dynamic cinema charts
  • Awards every 12 rounds
  • Random events during production, e.g. drug use, lottery win
  • Local multiplayer, 1-5 players
  • Point system, collect points to beat your opponents

ToDo list:

  • Adjust movie income, advertise impact on movie and movie quality calculation
  • Adjust long-term development of actor, director and location costs
  • Localisation
  • Adjust design for small screens (smartphones, tablet, ...)